17th Street Review

Despair Songs

Ian White

1.0  in which oracles clash with Citizen

lying spirit enter less graven face for whom sitting there never didn't waste.

meanwhile, what waiting ever bent to flesh, council surrounding, in between corrections, the failed figuring lumped behind the eyes. so Micaiah attempts the Croesian mistake,

but it can't turn out, and the king asks more, ever prayers, “trucks, pickups”, notwithstanding, fallen rote.

1.1  Wyatt G.’s song: “dear Anthony Great—

ombudscaffold still so—stemmed out youther my— not to mention yer yet poor particulars.

some task anyway seeming, about face dead bagged can’t keep it—in the face of such uh, heaved hunkermuch to hell, hintered heap—wuh in did. but i’ve done it so to skin out packets Heinz,

them, rectalgold—God, i ... apologize and tinct now faceimage in mudded concoct.”

1.2. in which Sufjan Saturn swallows Apophthegm Abe

big concern concerns that big what make gaps that furthermore turning dumb enemy make—

while doing constant same for others’ fit, which some divides can’t well claim, nor stand it, despite each continue be that just do it (disaffection domiciling one’s actions)—

are no QUIET PLACE, and no secret nice, until, saintprotected, all noticing dies.

1.3. in which an Atrides edgeward leads a blinder Atreus

ever owing sick mind and reckless conduct, with which wanted woulders well went whipping cliff—

“would that this horsefly relent of guarding rift in my dearly’s wanton eyes, one shouldn’t by self be daring deprived and all allraw...”; the ​Lord the day provided; wretched deprived,

the only reason round it see be that be it brainrot any tender wanted at.

1.4. ​in which Lefthand accounts for by Moon song so perception pearled, not ending too

unlivered (or -derde-): bile, friends, attend it new—

crown flapping belly can’t have failed to forefeel the feignwinding donative, planned sinister, plant unregretting for father's rather's, whom lens of fat enclosing own parts can't steal.

so: was kindness what gutted inner throned by whole—gracer of by daily small, you’ll known.

1.5 in which glass in grass

muddied way of in a sense be went to hell when unWidowed Bird grassland hepped self up fell

with shakinger view from stalks to glancer by’s need; if that that patch with idol icon nymphly be clearlyed—buttered head as bustard done, we know; now, if only pawer knew less well

the same before pushing paw-like its glass through unstructured air on simply snapped tuft ass.

1.6  in which the Policeman’s Ball relocates to the desert of friendship

them fester did not flip out up—drying the sprawled sparring pair sub plain trees trying

to pillory once inner predilections (scraped Euchy residue, disc ball pushed prolix, and idle danced big Vercingetorix). cab sided of faces,“first:” to “7[-11]”.

two: home and everything but less they asked, the ever scratching fauces godly tasked.

1.7  in which everyone be not

oracles ever chimed with citizens up ombudscaffold still stemmed to immortals my—

who furthermore turning throat enemy make. “would that this horsefly repent of guarding rift” of kneedowning donative, planned right recto, and clearlyed buttered head as carcass done,

while bomb sided with faces—“them:” to “heaven”— among others, the derm it can’t fix the skin.

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